Sulfadimethoxine Liquid Solution, 8 - 16 oz.

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12.5% Sulfadimethoxine Antibacterial Solution
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A 12.5% Sulfadimethoxine Solution used in the treatment of intestinal coccidiosis in rabbits. Indications may include weight loss, diarrhea with soft to watery feces, and mild to severe dehydration. The coccidia reside in the intestine as an innocuous flora which can become overpopulated. Administered in the drinking, water it aids in the elimination of the coccidia. However care should be taken as the flora of beneficial bacteria present within the intestine will also be eliminated which can exacerbate the condition. The administration of probiotics is often recommended to replenish the intestine with a balance of beneficial bacteria.

DIRECTIONS: As a control of coccidiosis, administer at a rate of (1 tbsp/gal) in drinking water for 5 days, wait 5 days and repeat.

WARNING: Do not use this medication on animals that are to be slaughtered for food. Store at 59Degrees-86"F.

CAUTION: A veterinarian or rabbit pathologist should be consulted for proper diagnosis.

While the comments and information are intended to be accurate and educational, no specific recommendation is made concerning the use of these products. We can assume no liability for use or misuse. Consult with your veterinarian should you have any question concerning the specific use of these products

Note: Particular care should be observed in administering antibiotics to rabbits. The antibiotics can seriously disrupt the delicate balance of bacterial flora in the rabbit's gastrointestinal tract, causing harmful or possibly fatal diarrhea.

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Additional Info

SKU 1031
Manufacturer GenVet
Application Oral
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