Groom-N-Go Pro, Tranquil Blue

Sold as complete set only. Features super flat-fold legs, flush carpet top, sliding storage drawer, and built in power bank for charging mobile phones at the show. The perfect gift idea!

Longtime customers, ARBA President, Josh Humphries and Sue Monahan are the first to try out the Groom-N-Go Pro.


Groom-N-Go Pro ™ is the latest in innovation from the design team at KW Cages in California.

It is the next generation of the original Groom-N-Go that KW Cages designed as inspired by the legendary Vigo County, Indiana 4H leader, Jean Thomas.

The Pro version has a much needed sliding drawer with a secret locking latch that prevents it from opening when being carried about. It features a re-designed leg base that folds super flat and allows the table portion to lock in place without accidentally sliding off the stand.

The neutral color gray flush-top carpeted grooming surface is the perfect size for every breed of show rabbit, cavy or even cats or toy breed dogs. The drawer is designed with triple suspension ball bearing drawer slides and built in holder for power bank and Inkinator™ tattoo set case (sold separately).

Drawer can hold grooming tools, and even a pedigree binder. But wait there's more! The Pro version has a built in battery bank that allows you to recharge your mobile device while at the show. The 22ma bank allows up to 3 re-charges. The reversible USB port allows charging your device externally on the table top or internally if you care to leave your device inside the drawer.

Includes 12" micro-USB-to-USB charging cable that can be used with any common USB power brick. Available in designer colors only.

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