Small Animal Identification Guide

Small animal identification is crucial. Whether trying to find a lost pet, or preparing for the showroom exhibition, permanent identification gives peace of mind.

Guinea Pig / Cavy Permanent Identification

Guinea pigs can be permanently identified using monel (stainless) metal ear tags. Much like an ear-piercing the tag is humanely applied at the center of the ear where there is minimal nerve tissue, much like a human ear lobe. The tag is placed leaving a gap at the ear perimeter aproximately the size of a nickel to allow future ear growth. The simple procedure provides a life-time of identification.

Rabbit Permanent Identification

The ear tattoo is a relatively painless process when humanely placed in the center of the ear which is relatively free from blood vessels and nerve tissue. Similar to piercing the human ear-lobe, the pain is limited to brief pinching feeling. The simple procedure provides a life-time of identification.


   Inkinator (Electric) Style Tattoo Pen
The electric tattoo has largely replaced pliers style tattoo procedures thanks to the ease of use, high readability, low pain, and flexibility to write anything in the ear. The learning curve to use an electric tattoo pen is very short with perfect results produced in the first ear tattoo. A special high-grade ink is used which is deposited under the epidermis layer. 


   Plier-Type Tattoo Sets
Pliers can hold up to 6 individual digits. Purchase number set(s) and aphabet(s) to create unlimited combinations. Pliers types are helpful when tattooing large litters of rabbits. They are offered in 3 sizes and 2 different types of sets: 

  1. 5/16” Series (.313” tall digits): Used for large and giant rabbit breeds, 10lbs adult weight and larger. The digits are large and have highest readability.
  2. 300 Series (.300” tall digits): These are useful for most rabbit breeds 3lbs adult weight and larger. 
  3. 3/16” Series (.188” tall digits): These micro-precision digits that are extremely small and use little ear space. They are reserved, due to high cost, for the smallest of breeds such as Netherland Dwarfs or Polish rabbits.
  4. Complete Set: This set typically include pliers, ink, digits (0-9) and instructions. An alphabet must be purchased seperately.
  5. Registrar's Set: This set comes with everything and ARBA Registrar (or larger rabbitry) would need: pliers, ink, (2) sets of digits (0-9), (1) alphabet, instructions and a molded carry case.







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