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What is a Rabbit Show all about?

A wholesome hobby for the entire family:

Rabbit shows are an opportunity to travel with your rabbits (and family!) to different venues to show and learn about this amazing species. An activity with over one hundred years of history, rabbit competitons seek and reward the healthiest and best representatives of over 50 breeds of rabbits and cavys (guinea pigs.)

The animals, who like to travel and be handled, are judged against a Standard of Perfection published by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). Established in 1910, the ARBA has a unified system of licensed judges and sanctioned shows in which to compete. Learn more about ARBA.

Note Regarding Assembly:
Order early for best selection and to ensure factory has enough time to build your order.  Except for transport cages, all cages are shipped to the show knocked down ready to assemble.  Factory preassembly is available for a nominal charge if specified when adding to cart   Factory preassembly is not available for shipments to Florida shows  due to space limitations.   

Note Regarding Changes To Shows:
Show dates and locations can change or cancel at any time. KW Cages is not responsible for these changes, as the shows are subject to local venues and health or safety measures in place. If there is a change and you have an existing order, you will be notified immediately. We will provide alternate show dates, or shipping options.

Note Regarding Show Hours, Directionsn:
Information about the shows on our list is generally available on the web or in show forums. Please contact the show sponsor for exact hours and location. We are not responsible for shows that are rained-out or cancelled by their sponsors. If you are unable to find information about the show, please contact our customer service department in advance of the show weekend and we will attempt to assist you.   

Note Regarding Booth Hours:
Our display hours at the show may vary, however, plan to pick up your order between 9:00AM and 1:00PM. 

Place your order for FREE delivery at the show!*

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  2. Enter your zip code.
  3. Click on "Estimate" to see a list of shows to choose from
br * A shipping surcharge will be added to rolls of wire and bagged feed.

Show List:

Northern California Shows 
 1/8/2022  DIXON  CRCS  1/2/2022
 1/22/2022  BAKERSFIELD  CRCS  1/16/2022
 1/22/2022  GRIDLEY  CRCS  1/16/2022
 2/5/2022  MERCED  BVRA  1/30/2022
 2/26/2022  MERCED  Cal State  2/20/2022
Southern California Shows 
 2/12/2022  SANTEE  CRCS  2/10/2022
 3/19/2022  COSTA MESA  CRCS  3/13/2022
Florida Shows
 4/2/2022  INVERNESS  MID FL BUNS AND BLOOMS  3/20/2022
New Mexico
 6/11/2022  LOVINGTON  SWRRBA  5/29/2022
Ohio Shows
 11/13/2021  CANTON  PORTAGE COUNTY RBA  10/28/2021
Pennsylvania Shows 
 2/5/2022  LEBANON  PSARBA  1/23/2022
Oklahoma Shows
 5/21/2022  STILLWATER  SWRRBA  5/8/2022
Oregon Shows
 1/29/2022  ST HELENS  CRCS  1/23/2022
Texas Shows
 2/18/2022  SAN ANGELO    1/30/2022
 3/19/2022  SEGUIN  AARC  3/6/2022
 4/9/2022  BELTON  TRBA State Show  3/27/2022
 4/23/2022  BELTON  NATIONAL CAL, MINI REX  4/10/2022
 5/7/2022  BELTON  SOUTHERN CLASSIC  4/24/2022
 8/27/2022  LONGVIEW  ETRBA  8/14/2022
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